Area Qualifier for Combined Challenge

Date / Time
26th March 2023


Colraine Equestrian Centre, Callestick, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9LN

Contact  07855 440028


Classes  £33 plus booking fee:

  • Combined Challenge 100cm
  • Combined Challenge 90cm
  • Combined Challenge 80cm
  • Combined Challenge 70cm

Please indicate on Equo if you wish to enter as a solo or part of a team.

These are qualifiers for the British Riding Clubs National Finals which are at Aston le Walls NN116RT on 20/21 May 2023, no provisional schedule available yet. The Combined Challenge is a test of the ability and timing of a horse and rider to negotiate a show jumping course followed by an arena cross-country course.

Show Jumping Phase: The time allowed will be based on a speed of 340mpm. Every commenced period of 1 second in excess of time allowed will be penalised by 0.4 time penalties.

Cross-country Phase: For competitions running in a small arena the Optimum Time will be based on a speed of 340mpm (Challenge 70), 350mpm (Challenge 80), 360mpm (Challenge 90), 375mpm (Challenge 100). For competitions running in a big arena the Optimum Time will be based on a speed of 375mpm for all heights. Competitions running using the old format (i.e. using a cross country course) the Optimum Time will be based on HT speeds (Challenge 80, 90, 100) and 400mpm for Challenge 70. Organisers, in accordance with the Official Steward, will decide on which speeds to use, and this will be communicated to all competitors.

Please note that the price of £33 includes the Area entry fee and the Pre-entry fee which is paid to BRC Head Office.

Please only enter if you are committed to attending the Finals if you qualify.

Times will be displayed on no later than 6pm Friday 24th March, and live scoring will be available throughout the event on the day.

A helper must be provided for each team entered. Please add in the notes if you can provide a helper. Our entries will only be accepted if we provide a helper per 4 members entered.

Entries are non-refundable, even if they change the date.

Vaccinations and passports must be in line with Jockey Club rules and absolutely no injections of any sort in the 7 days before this competition.

Horses may only compete from 1 January in the calendar year they become 5 years old.

If you are the drop score, you may be replaced for the Finals.

Qualifications for finals are for the horse and rider combination.

Horses may compete at 2 consecutive heights.

Competing or schooling of horses or training in this arena may not take place after the 16th March.

Please check your eligibility in the BRC Handbook on P93, and ensure that you are familiar with the Combined Challenge rules on P76-79 and the dress and tack rules P98 – 104. The 2023 rule book can be found  here

From 1 Jan 2023, hat standards PAS 015-98 & SNELL 2001 will no longer be accepted for tagging. All hats must have a visible Pink BRC/BE/PC hat tag in place before they are used for warming up and competing, to show that they meet the current safety standards.

Please present your passport and get your hat checked/tagged before mounting.

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