July 2024 Clinic and Events Update

There is lots going on not only on the SDRC calendar but also within SDRC itself!

As you will all have been aware that we have been advised to change our constitution by BRC and we had the EGM at Dainton at the end of last month to vote on this and the unanimous vote was for the Club to change to a Company Limited by Guarantee.  Well this is currently being organised and from the beginning of July that is the new status of South Devon Riding Club.  It will make absolutely no difference on the face of things so we will function as we always have as far as members are concerned!

With this new constitution it has prompted us as a committee to bring forward some changes that would have occurred in November on the usual date of the AGM. Jody Manester has now taken the role of Chair from Michelle Harris. A hard act to follow and we are all grateful to Michelle for staying on as Chair until now to ensure a smooth handover and it is great that Michelle will still be on the committee as she has been a Club member and a Committee member for so long and her knowledge of the club is invaluable! Also Elaine Clevedon is stepping down from the role of treasurer, though will still be a signatory. This role is being passed onto Clare Mann. Elaine will also (thank goodness!) stay on the committee as like Michelle her knowledge of South Devon Riding Club is vast so we still need her!

The new constitution means that we are now registered with Companies House which involves Directors and a Company Secretary. Currently this has been set up with 3 Directors – Jody Manester, Clare Mann and Mary Talbot-Rosevear and Charlotte Allen as Company Secretary. As a committee we are meeting later in the month to discuss all this further so in the next newsletter we will give more details and contact emails so please bear with us with all these changes!

Well that is the formal bit done…….

We had our second dressage competition of this summer at Crokers on Sunday and the sun shone! There were cups for all the winners of each class and some brilliant tests were performed. Also a lot of cake was consumed, if you haven’t tried Karen Tewson’s cakes then you really need to!!! These are as always very chilled and friendly days and whatever your standard you are very welcome. The next date is on Sunday 28th July. It will open soon on Equo.

We desperately need a first aider for the dressage on the 28th July so if you have a current Level 3 First Aid at Work certificate and can spare some time on the 28th July (or another time) please could you contact Kate 

We do have the issue at the next dressage competition that access is going to be a little difficult from the ASDA end and have thought about relocating to make it easier but the general consensus is that everyone likes it at Crokers so they would prefer to find a route through than relocate. Please also bear that in mind for all clinics after the 22nd July that are based in Ipplepen. At the moment the timeline is 3 weeks but it does seem like this will probably actually be 3 months so before you set out if you are coming from this direction please check your route.

On Sunday 7th July we will be holding our first Formation Riding Clinic at The Grange, Okehampton. We are aware that this is quite a distance for some of you to travel so may have put you off entering, please rest assured this will not be the normal venue for this! This was the only option we were given for this but in the future we will look at venues that are easier to access. We are looking at dates at Wellbeck (just past Westpoint, which is very easy to access) during the summer months and also have secured some dates at Bicton College (inside!!!!) during the winter. All this is still in process. Formation riding is enormous fun no matter what type, size or standard of your horse/pony. The whole idea is that it is very inclusive to all.

For something just a bit different on Sunday 14th July we are doing a long reining demonstration and clinic. Kay Sparrow, our instructor, will bring along her horse to do a demo and then she will teach us (without a horse!) how to do this. This is for anyone who has or hasn’t had any experience. It will run from 10.30-12.30 approx at Park View Ashburton in their indoor arena. Coffee/tea and cake will also be provided as this is also a social event too. All for £10pp. Please go to the link below to book on!

Long Reining Demo and Clinic Sunday 14th July (Non ridden)

Posted 13 July 2024

June 2024 Clinic and Events Update

We hope this finds everyone inspired and ready for a busy summer as it finally feels like we may get out on our horses without a raincoat (well at least more often than not as this is still England….). Anyway we have lots to offer you over the coming months!

Just to remind you that on the 29th June we have our first (there may be more….?) XC clinic at Politmore with Rhiannon Tewson. Of course many of you will have attended many of her clinics and know that she is really encouraging and understanding so if you are unsure of trying XC or just want to get back out on the grass do come along! Politmore has jumps for everyone but particularly for those who are still gaining confidence (both horse and rider!). Please remember that you will need an up to date hat and body protector. If you are unsure please check the BRC website, (same rules as BE).

XC Clinic at Politmore 29th June 2024

On the 30th June we have the second of our summer dressage competitions. Although these are run under British Dressage/BRC rules these are very relaxed and friendly. The tests are Intro B / Prelim 7 / Prelim 14 / Novice 27 and PYO Novice 28 and Elementary 44 so get your entries in and start practicing! There will be a trophy for the winner of each class and at the end of the season the CER Trophy will be awarded to the combination who has gained the most points (must have entered at least 3 of the 4 competition dates), and of course chocolate….

SDRC Dressage Competition 30th June 2024

*SOMETHING NEW!* On Sunday 14th July we are offering a Long Reining Demonstration and Clinic at Park View, Ashburton in the indoor arena. This is a non ridden event that is aimed to be a learning but also a social event. It will run from 10.30am for approximately 2 hours. It will start with a demonstration from Kay Sparrow, the instructor, with her horse to show you what can be achieved by long reining followed by an interactive clinic where we get to try long reining on each other. This is the best way to learn how to do it before we inflict ourselves on our horses, apparently! As it would be chaos if everyone were to do this together there will be an element of watching each other. During this time there will be coffee/tea and cakes on offer, all included in the session. The cost of this is £10pp for the whole 2 hours, including demo, clinic and cake. Numbers are limited so please book as soon as possible.

SDRC Long Reining Demo and Clinic Sunday 14th July 2024

We are still looking into Formation Riding Clinics. Kay Sparrow is also one of the All Steps Formation Riding instructors so we are working with her to bring these clinics into fruition. We are hoping to get a couple in this summer but are just working out dates and a venue (possibly Wellbeck until we can find a closer one and even more preferably an indoors venue so we can continue during the winter). WATCH THIS SPACE (and Facebook)!!

Finally, just to remind you that there is a EGM at Dainton on the 18th June, you will already have received an email with full details from Charlotte!

Posted 7 June 2024

May 2024 Clinic and Events Update

The weather was actually kind to us for our first dressage competition of the season.  It was really well supported so thank you to all who came both with horses and also on foot to support.  Of course this could not have run without all the volunteers who gave up their day to make this event happen, so a big thank you to them as well.  If you would like to volunteer for a day or half a day we are alway grateful for any help!  This may be setting up/ clearing up, stewarding or writing.  You need no previous experience for any of these tasks and the atmosphere is always very friendly.   Please contact Kate on  if you could give some time to help.  The next dressage competition is on the 30th June, entries are not yet open but soon will be.

We had a great evening at Dainton with Mandy Frost.  I think that everyone who came will agree that it was really informative and also it was great to share and hear how we are not alone in the nerves we feel when either competing or achieving just a simple goal with our horses!  It was a great interactive evening and a big thank you to Mandy for holding it so well (and to those who organised it!).

There is a lot going on but the next major event is the Summer Camp at Chard. Just to remind you this is on the 10th – 12th June (with the option of arriving the evening before). Camp is always a great few days where you learn a lot, have an enormous amount of fun and make new friends. You have the option of 4 dressage lessons or 2 dressage lessons and 2 SJ lessons (heights – very small to larger!) and also test riding. The atmosphere is always incredibly supportive. Currently the instructors are Karen Lisk, Andrew Lovell and Mandy Frost but we do need to achieve a certain amount of entries to cover this, so please, if you are going to join us could you book ASAP so we know that we can go ahead. Oh and the food at Chard is really very good!

Please have a look at the events page as there are some new dates for the regular clinics and also note on the 29th June we have a XC clinic at Poltimore with Rhiannon Tewson. There are a lot of very inviting jumps there so it is good for the less experienced/less confident horses and riders as well as those just wanting to get some time out on the grass.

If you have any queries about any of the clinics etc please just email the individual contact and they will be more than happy to help!

Posted 5 May 2024

April 2024 Clinic and Events Update

Here’s hoping that April will bring some drier weather before we all develop webbed feet.  We lost 2 clinics to the inclement weather unfortunately this month but there are plenty more to look forward to in coming months!

On the 21st April we have our first dressage competition of the year.  This will be run under BD/BRC rules but as usual will be a relaxed and supportive environment so we welcome partnerships that are both inexperienced and experienced to come and join us!

Dressage Competition Sunday 21st April

We are really excited to have the interactive talk by Mandy Frost on the “Nerves, Pressure and the Power of Preparation” at Dainton Golf Club at 7pm Wednesday 24th April.    Planning , preparation and focusing on personal strengths does significantly boost self belief, so whether your goal is just to have more confidence in your riding or jump that bigger course, come and join us for a friendly and motivating evening.  The cost of this is just £7.50.

f you would like to eat before the start (and catch up with friends!) Dainton’s kitchen is open until 6.30pm so come along a bit earlier if you would like to do this!

Mandy Frost Talk 24th April 

If you would like to compete in the Area dressage qualifiers (Champs are in Lincoln 31st August/1st September) these are being held at St Leonards, Launceston on the 18th/19th May.  Please don’t think that you have to be Charlotte Du Jardin / Carl Hester to compete, these are open to EVERYONE at all levels and are not scary!  For more info please contact Becky on or 07855 440028.

Our sweepstake to raise funds for the club is still open. You could be the winner of £150, which is always very useful!  Please have a look at the SDRC Facebook page for more details.  Pick a horse’s name and contact Kerry on 07540 766416 to enter.  Please support this as it will benefit the club and therefore you as members!  Thank you 🙂

Posted 6 April 2024

March 2024 Clinic and Events Update

Now we are finally heading out of winter and towards the spring we would like to thank all of you who have braved the bad weather and have supported our clinics during these rather wet times.  With the lighter evenings and hopefully drier weather we have added even more events to our calendar!

At the beginning of March we ran our first groundwork poles/grids clinic for a few years with Rhiannon Tewson.  This was a great success and we had a lot of entries so we will be making this a regular clinic and now have 2 further dates.

Friday 19th April – Rhiannon Tewson Ground poles/Grids
Sunday 5th May – Rhiannon Tewon Ground poles/Grids

On Sunday 21st April we will hold the first of our dressage competitions for this year.  The tests will be Intro C, Prelim 2, Prelim 12, Novice 24 and in the PYO class Novice 27 and Elementary 42.  These are very friendly and relaxed days, they are run under full BRC rules so you get the full competition experience but we also encourage anyone who has not done any formal dressage to have a go and we will support you as much as we can!  There will be a trophy to the combination to have won the most points over the season, you must have entered at least 3 of the 4 competitions.

Sunday 21st April – Dressage Competition

On Wednesday 24th April we will be holding a talk by Mandy Frost on “Nerves, Pressure and the Power of Preparation” at Dainton Golf Club at 7pm.  Planning , preparation and focusing on personal strengths does significantly boost self belief, so whether your goal is just to have more confidence in your riding or jump that bigger course, come and join us for a friendly and motivating evening.  The cost of this is just £7.50.

24th April – Mandy Frost Talk

We will also be offering a XC clinic on grass with Rhiannon Tewson.  Currently we are looking at a date in June at Poltimore, as soon as we have more details we will let you know!

Many of you have been enquiring about Summer Camp.  The final details are just being decided and then this will open on Equo on Saturday.  It will be held on the 10th – 12th June (with the option to arrive the evening of the 11th) again at Chard as the facilities are fabulous and so it the food.  There will be the option to camp or to have accommodation.   It is a combined training camp but if you do not want to jump there will be a pole option and also simply just dressage!

We are always trying to raise funds for the club to help with certain costs or subsidies.  Just to remind you that we have a sweep stake going and you could be the winner of £150, which would buy a lot of horse treats!  Please have a look at the SDRC Facebook page for more details (Basically you chose/buy a horse’s name from the sheet and one will be chosen at random at the close of the competition) or contact Kerry on 07540 766416 for more details.  Please support this as this benefits the club and therefore it’s members!

Posted 9 Mar 2024

February 2024 Clinic and Events Update

On Sunday 3rd March we are holding our first Ground poles/Gridwork clinic at Crokers with Rhiannon Tewson.  If it proves popular it will certainly become a regular calendar date!  It has only been on Equo for a couple of days and has had a very good take up so far so if you are interested it would be best to book on quickly.  Ground poles and grids

The Area competitions are now also on the calendar.  These are open to all and dressage starts at intro and SJ jumping at 70cm so you don’t have to be competing at the high levels to have a go.  If you are interested please contact Becky Wright

If you are going to compete or have a XC lesson on grass or in the arena (or just feel happier wearing a body protector) there have been some changes lately as to the standard required, click here to see BHS guidelines

With safety being of paramount importance there have been recent changes made to the EN1384 in respect of CE marking, full details here

That’s the rules and regulations bit out of the way!  We have had a thank you from Devon Air Ambulance for the money raised by the raffle at the AGM (thank you to all that came and contributed and also to those who generously donated the fabulous prizes), this was topped up by the club funds so we could give a round figure of £300 to a very good cause.

As you can see from the events  page we have a lot of clinics going on this year.  The dressage competition dates are now out and we are just organising which tests and then they will be available to book and you can get practising!  If you have any queries about any clinics or events please do contact the organiser direct and they will be happy to help you out.

Posted 13 Feb 2024
January 2024 Clinic and Events Update


I hope you aren’t drowning in mud……… what more can be said about this wonderful weather we are enduring?!

Thank you to all those that have already re-joined the club and also welcome to any new members.   Just a gentle reminder to re-join and also to let you know what you will be missing next year if you don’t!
Here is the link again to rejoin: Sport 80: SDRC Membership Renewal.

Please remember that you are not eligible to book onto any of our clinics until your membership has been renewed so please do so ASAP!  If you have any problems please let us know and we will try and help.  Or contact BRC on

This new renewal system, Sport 80,  is not linked to Equo so if you have changed any of your details please can you ensure that you also update Equo as this will make it easier to contact you regarding any clinic information or changes, thank you!

Mia Pope has been taking some photos during some of our events so we are starting to upload some more photos onto the gallery (you will be contacted for permission if you are in any of them) so have a look!

We now have a pretty comprehensive calendar of events developing for 2024, There will also be some pop up clinics so please also keep an eye on the Website and our Facebook page

Posted 5 Jan 2024
December 2023 Clinic and Events Update

Probably the most important thing this month is membership renewal!! We hope that you have enjoyed 2023 as members of SDRC and all that we have been able to offer and 2024 will not disappoint. We have already secured dates for Karen Lisk and Andrew Lovell and are just confirming dates and venues for the other regular clinics etc plus other pop up ones. As you will be aware from the email that was sent at the end of November, BRC have changed the way that we now have to deal with membership, this will makes things easier for everyone but at the moment it is all a bit new to all of us so please bear with us. Sport 80 is now the portal for membership renewal and you will have already received your individual login details. Unfortunately this system does not support “early bird” discounts so there is now just one standard renewal fee.
To renew your membership to SDRC please follow this link   or go to the membership page.
Please be aware that you are not eligible to book onto any of our clinics until your membership has been renewed so please do so ASAP!  If you have any problems please let us know and we will try and help.  Or contact BRC on
AGM and Social
On Thursday 30th we held our AGM and social at Dainton Golf Course, this was a great evening and thank you to all those who came.  Firstly there was the chairs report and also the treasurers report.  We also welcomed Mia Pope and Kerry Welsh onto the committee.  If you would like a copy of the minutes of the AGM please contact Charlotte and she will email you a copy.  We raised £250 (which will be made up to £300 with club funds) for the Devon Air Ambulance through the raffle with many great prizes kindly donated by various sponsors.  Also there were the instructors awards for the most improved riders.

  • Karen Lisk – Julie Humphries
  • Andrew Lovell – Michelle Harris
  • Rhiannon Tewson – Vivien Jean
A number of topics were brought up my members at the AGM both in person and in the suggestions box.  These are now in discussion within the committee and will see what we can do, they haven’t been ignored!
As a club we did make a small loss this year.  This was partially due to the decision after Covid to subsidise the clinics for a short while to help everyone get back out and about again. We now feel that we will need to raise the fees of the clinics by just a very small amount to try and make them break even but we hope that you agree that it is worth it as we have such great instructors!   If anyone has any ideas (and would like to run….) any fundraising events we would love to hear from you, this would help up keep the costs of our clinics down in the future 🙂
Winter virtual clinics being run by the BRC
These are open to all.  See below for details.
  • BRC / NAF Christmas Care. Keeping horses happy and healthy through the festivities.’

Registered Nutritionist, Kate Hore, discusses the challenges this time of year can pose for equine health, and the simple measures we can take to keep horses happy and healthy.

Wednesday 20th Dec at 7:30pm – Open to all BRC members


  • Incident Management for qualifiers and larger club events with Ryan Searle, Health & Safety Officer

Tuesday 16th Jan at 7:30pm – Open to all BRC Area and Club Committee members

  • BRC Safety on roads and the Dead Slow campaign with Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety

Wednesday 17th Jan at 7pm – Open to all BRC members

  • Incident Management & Health and Safety for training or smaller club events with Ryan Searle, Health & Safety Officer

Tuesday 23rd Jan at 7:30pm – Open to all BRC Area and Club Committee members


  • Health & Safety risk assessments with Ryan Searle, Health & Safety Officer

              This will feature a brief Health & Safety overview with the main focus on Risk Assessments

Tuesday 6th February at 7:30pm – Open to all BRC Area and Club Committee members

Please note, all clinics are limited so spaces will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

To register your interest, please email

Posted 14 December 2023
November 2023 Clinic and Events Update

The main thing is to remind you to join us at Dainton Golf Club on Thursday 30th November for the SDRC AGM and social.  There will be instructor awards as well as a raffle with great prizes, in aid of Devon Air Ambulance.  It is a great evening giving you the opportunity to talk anything through with the committee and to catch up with fellow members, though this is not just for SDRC members so you are welcome to bring family and friends along with you.  Dainton always put on a very good carvery and dessert.  To book on please follow the link below

SDRC AGM and Social

We have been contacted by BRC and all members have been invited to attend this online clinic.

BRC / Safety on roads and the Dead Slow campaign – Online Clinic.

Tuesday 28 November – 7:00pm start.

Alan Hiscox, heads up the Safety Team at the British Horse Society.  He will explain the award winning Dead Slow Campaign and how it is raising awareness amongst drivers and road safety stakeholders on how to pass horses safely.  He will talk about the extensive work that the BHS Safety Team has undertaken with riding clubs about their experiences and how you can help with road safety partners, driving instructors and the general public to inform and involve drivers and riders in the campaign.  The importance of logging incidents on the Horse i App and what this data is used for will also be discussed.

Please note, this is a limited clinic so spaces will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

To register your interest, please email

We are still finalising next year’s calendar but we do have the dates for Karen Lisk’s clinics and they will go online shortly.  As usual just follow the link to book on.

SDRC Events and clinics

Posted 13 November 2023

October 2023 Clinic and Events Update

As Autumn draws in we still have a full calendar of events!

There are some new Mandy Frost showjumping clinic dates at Park View, Ashburton, the first being on the 14th October so it is not too late to book on!  These start at 70-80cm with classes going up to 1m.

Mandy Frost SJ 14th October

If you don’t wish to jump so big we also have some new dates for Rhiannon Tewson at Crokers.  These are great confidence giving sessions which start at 50-60cm.  The next one of these is on Sunday 15th October so again there is still plenty of time to book but for both it is best to book ASAP.

Rhiannon Tewson SJ 15th October 2023

On the 5th November we are hoping to be able to offer some Test Riding sessions with Clare Deithrick at Bicton arena.  You will be able to do any level of test.  Clare is a very experienced dressage judge and rider so will be able to offer good advice to anyone competing at dressage both unaffiliated and affiliated.  Also if you are thinking of doing the area dressage qualifiers you may find this helpful!  Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page and website as these will be posted on there as soon as we have finalised the details with Clare.

On Thursday 30th November we will be having our AGM at Dainton Golf Course.  This is always a very sociable occasion with a chance to catch up with friends leaving the jodphurs and our better halves  (horses!!) behind, though you are very welcome to bring along husbands or partners as well as everyone is very welcome.  The food is always very good there and the carvery and a dessert is £25 pp.  There will be a raffle in aid of Devon Air Ambulance so please bring cash along to buy raffle tickets!  To book on please follow the link below.

SDRC AGM and Evening Meal, Dainton Golf Course

In the coming year we will be looking for a new Chair to head the committee as Michelle, who is doing an amazing job, would like to step back from this role at some point.  The way our constitution is currently set up means that we must have a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, along with general committee members to allow the Club to run.   If anyone would like to put themselves forward for the position of Chair please can you contact Michelle who will explain what the role entails.  Just to stress that we will need to fill this role in the foreseeable future to continue to run the club!

We held the final dressage competition of this year and even though it was low in numbers as there were a lot of conflicting events going on that weekend it was a great competition with the normal chilled and friendly atmosphere so thank you for all who supported it and especially to those who gave their time up to run it!

Posted 8 October 2023

September 2023 Clinic and Events Update

Yet another month has gone by, which was apparently August but that was not reflected in the weather.  I guess the flip side of that is it wasn’t too hot to ride and the grass is still green, unlike last year!

September has brought the sunshine and thank you to all those who came to our very sunny Dressage Competition last Sunday.  It was a great turn out but at the same time it still remained a very calm and friendly event with cups being awarded to the winners of all the classes.  Our next and probably final Dressage Competition this year will be on Sunday 1st October so please go to the website to enter.  Also a thank you to everyone for helping us by leaving the parking areas at Crokers lovely and tidy.  We are really conscious of keeping a good relationship with all our venues so thank you in advance for ensuring this happens by clearing up after yourselves at any event or clinic!

Dressage 1 October

We are still trying to get a date for a go at Formation Riding.  This is open to all abilities and you don’t have to be a dressage diva to come along, it is more about working as a team and the most basic of moves look impressive if a few of you do it at the same time!!  As soon as we get a date we will let you know.

As you are aware the committee work really hard to organise all the clinics and events.  This is pretty time consuming and most of the committee also work full time so we are looking for a couple more people to join us and give us a hand.  If you feel you could offer some help and also perhaps fresh ideas we would love to hear from you.  Please contact SDRC Committee   If you have something specific you could offer please say but just more help running clinics or events would be great!

Riding Club clinics and competitions are of course pretty relaxed events but at the same time it is great to follow some dress code.  Sometimes on a hot day at the dressage competitions you may be allowed to ride without a jacket (judges’s discretion) but if this is the situation you will need to have sleeves, long or short, so bear that in mind!  Also we recommend, at least for jumping clinics that again you have sleeves, again long or short are fine as long as your shoulders are covered.  Thank you!

Dates for the rest of the year are available here.  We are looking at some more Rhiannon clinics as we are aware that they finish this month so these should be included on the next month’s mail out.  Also a date for your diary is the AGM on Thursday 30th November, to be held at Dainton Golf course, further details to be finalised.  It is your opportunity to meet the committee, have your say in person or simply just come out and have a good evening with friends!

Posted 6 September 2023
August 2023 Clinic and Events Update

We have our dressage competition on Sunday 3rd September.  This is a stand alone competition and there will be cups for all classes so please book on ASAP and get practicing!

SDRC Dressage Competition Sunday 3rd September

After a successful camp at Chard we have managed to secure some dates with Mandy Frost, these will be held at Park View where they have a fantastic outdoor arena.  These dates are 16th September, 14th October and 25th November.   These will be very popular as Mandy is very much in demand so please go to the the events page to book onto these or any other events that we run.

SDRC Events

Posted 11 August 2023
July 2023 Clinic and Events Update

Apologies that this is a little later than normal arriving, also it will be brief as I want to get this out so you can see what is still planned for the rest of the year.  These clinics are still being very well supported, thank you, so please book promptly to ensure you get a place!

The dressage series of 3 has now ended (there will be another single dressage competition on the 3rd September with cups for each level).  Congratulations to the winners of the cups:

Murphy Trophy – Linette Avery
Mod Dec – Debra Mumford
Bernard Redfern – Debra Mumford
Penance Reuben – Rosemary Seel
Rose Bowl – Michelle Harris

Series Winner and CER Trophy – Debra Mumford

Also congratulations to Karen Long who won the Area HT 90cm at Launceston and has qualified for the National Championships.  If you would like to compete at the Areas in any discipline this is open to all members and there are various levels at which you can compete starting from 70cm and Intro dressage so very accessible.  If you are interested please contact Becky Wright on

Posted 11 July 2023
June 2023 Clinic and Events Update

Hope you are getting out and about and enjoying the sunshine!

We have the last of our series of dressage competitions on Sunday 18th June. You may be in with a chance of winning a cup, particularly if you have been to any of the other dates. Even if you haven’t this is still a stand alone competition as well. Please get your entries in ASAP so that we know numbers! The next competition is not until September so take this opportunity to ride in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Dressage Competition 18 June

The Area Horse Trials are on Sunday 2nd July at Launceston (this side of Launceston and only just off the A30 so easy to access) and we need to be able to provide some volunteers to allow us to enter. If anyone can spare the day to jump judge please can you get in contact with Becky Wright . No prior experience is necessary.

There is a new clinic in the calendar on the 14th June.  Leigh Smallacombe will be holding a Show Jumping Clinic at Park View.  She is still competing and also produces young horses for showjumping but is passionate about encouraging riders to enjoy the sport at any level.

Leigh Smallacombe SJ Clinic 14 June

Would anyone be interested in a Formation Riding Clinic??  This is not necessarily dressage so you do not need a dressage pony for this!  It is for anyone with any sort of horse.  It is a great team sport as obviously done in a group.  Other benefits are helping with the stress of the warm up ring as it helps desensitise your horse to other horses in a close proximity and also teaches discipline as all movements have to be performed in unison.  If you have any interest please contact Clare on so she can gauge if we would have enough people to run one!

Posted 5 June 2023
May 2023 Clinic and Events Update

Here is the monthly update of the clinics and events that we have going on.

This is a final call for the Rhiannon Tewson SJ clinic that is on Sunday 14th May, this will close at the beginning of next week. This is a great confidence giving clinic as it starts at 50cm-60cm through to 80cm-90cm.

Rhiannon Tewson Showjumping Clinic 14th May

On Sunday 21st we have the next dressage competition, of course there are lots of things going on now but if you do intend to enter please do so ASAP so that we can see what numbers we have! It is open to all levels so if you are new to dressage there is plenty of support but we also do up to Elementary if you feel like something more challenging, or just having a go!

Dressage Competition 21st May

On the 8th June we are running a cross country clinic at Poltimore with Rhiannon Tewson. We did try to run this earlier in the Spring but due to the wet weather Poltimore decided not to open their course so we had to postpone. The ground now should be just perfect! If you have not been to Poltimore it is a great course that has a good selection of jumps. It is also a great place to go if you are new to cross country, have an inexperienced horse or simply do not want to be scared!!!

Rhiannon Tewson XC clinic 8th June

Often there are unforeseen circumstances that mean you cannot attend a clinic you have booked on. If you cancel up to 7 days before an event you will be eligible to receive a refund, less booking fees. If you cancel within 7 days you only receive a refund on submission of a vet certificate. If for some reason we have to cancel then you will receive a full refund, including fees. We may be able to transfer your place just once to the next available date but this cannot be guaranteed so please don’t be disappointed if you are just offered a refund, less booking fees (we have to pay these even if we refund). Thank you for understanding!!

We also have some SDRC branded clothing for sale.

Training Jackets £45
Gilets £25
Buffs £7.50
Premier Equine Fleeces £30
Mark Todd Fleece £20
Old style Polo Shirt £16
New style Polo Shirt £22

If you are interested in any of these please contact Lucinda on

Posted 8 May 2023
April 2023 Clinic and Events Update

We have unfortunately had to cancel a couple of our clinics and change the date on another, these have been due to circumstances beyond our control so apologies if you were booked on to any of these. It certainly wasn’t from lack of interest as our clinics are being well attended, thank you!

Due to demand Karen Lisk has offered to put on an extra date down at The Brook on the 25th April with a 1.30 start. There are a couple of spaces left so if you would like to book on please go to our Events page, and book on ASAP as these are sure to go very quickly.

On Sunday 16th April we have the first of our dressage competitions. This is the first of a series of 3 (16th April/21st May/18th June) and you may be in line to win a cup at the end of the series! You certainly don’t have to commit to all 3 dates but the more you attend the greater the opportunity there is to gain points!

When you enter the clinics we will always endeavour to try and fulfill requests for times etc though please be aware that this will not always be possible. Of course we understand that circumstances can change at the last minute but where possible if you could put requests on Equo when you enter it does help us to try and accommodate requests more easily 🙂 Thank you!

We do hope to add a XC clinic at Poltimore in June (the ground should hopefully be ok then!) but this is not yet confirmed. As usual if you have any questions about the clinics please contact the organiser and they will try and help!

To enter any of our clinics or competitions please go to the Events page

Posted 12 April 2023

March 2023 Clinic and Events Update

Spring is nearly here so the fun horsey season is starting! As usual we have loads coming up with our fabulous instructors. Crokers is proving to be a great venue for us with it being very much in the heart of the SDRC area. Just a little note for those of you who are new to the club, when we park for clinics at Crokers please can you park in the area behind the arenas not by the yard. There is more room there and also if a horse does get loose there is a better opportunity to stop it before it gets out onto the road.

Our series of dressage competitions start on Sunday 16th April at Crokers. Here you will be asked to park in the field just beyond Crokers (when turning in from the Newton Abbot direction). This is a series of 3 (16th April, 21st May, 18th June), you can come to as many or as few as you wish but the more you attend the more likely you are to win a cup. There is a cup for each class for the rider gaining the most points accumulated from a 1st – 6th placing, to be awarded on the last date. Also the CER Trophy for the rider gaining the most points over the whole series, entering any classes, but you must have attended at least 2 out of 3 of the dates.

The dressage competitions are very friendly and it does not matter how experienced you or your horse are, they are there for anyone to participate. If you need some help or advice we will try our best to assist you.

To run our competitions we do rely on volunteers and the committee is only small so if you can offer any help please let us know. For the dressage competitions we need stewards and writers, we will need the same for our Three Phase Day (more details next time) in June and also for some of our area competitions we need to provide a certain amount of volunteers in order to enter a team. If you can offer any help please email us, thank you!

To enter any of our clinics or competitions please go to the Events page

Posted 3 March 2023

February 2023 Clinic and Events Update

See the events or calendar pages for all  the events we have planned for the year so far. As usual this is growing so please notice that we have added some more dates with Rhiannon Tewson, these are great for all heights but Rhiannon is particularly good at encouraging those who are lacking a bit of confidence or have an inexperienced horse as these start at 50cm.  Also on the 1st March Emily Farleigh will be teaching over the Arena Eventing jumps at Pontispool.  The facilities there are well worth the trip and of course Emily is a fabulous instructor.

When we go to any venue as a club for clinics or competitions we all represent the club and its reputation so please just before you leave could you check around your lorries or trailers just to ensure that you don’t leave any mess.  It is easy not to notice droppings in our excitement after a great session!

Posted 7 February 2023

January 2023 Update

Membership If you haven’t done so already please renew your membership, we will hold the deadline of the 31st December 2022 to renew as an existing member but this is the easiest way to keep a record of members.  Please pay through Equo and also fill in the membership form and either photo or scan it and send it to Elaine.  Your membership will not be accepted until both stages have been completed.  renew membership

BRC Rule Updates and upcoming changes There have been some amendments to the BRC rules regarding riding hats, body protectors and competition wear. You will be required to follow these safety standards whether you are competing for the riding club or attending a riding club clinic, thank you!
Hat Guidelines
From 1st January 2023, we will no longer be accepting the following 2 hat standards.
1. PAS O15 1998
2. SNELL 2001
The new pink hat tags will be sent round to Official Stewards as soon as possible.
The PAS 015 2011 and SNELL 2016 will continue to be accepted.
Body Protector Guidelines
BRC will continue to accept the BETA Level 3 Purple Label 2009 standard until 1 Jan 2024, then it will no longer be accepted.
Competitor Dress Competitors are now allowed to wear jodphurs/breeches in white, cream, beige, navy or black. You can read all about this update by clicking here.

Clinics Note that there is an Arena Eventing Clinic that has been added for the 1st March at Pontispool, this is a Wednesday so this gives you plenty of time to book the time off of work if needed, it will go onto Equo shortly.

Posted 6 January 2023

December Clinic and Events Update, also MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL!!!

Membership. Now is the time to renew your membership! We have had to increase the subscription by £5 this year due to the increase from BRC Head Office but we are sure you will agree that this is still very good value.  This means that if you renew your membership before the 31st December the cost will be £30.  If it is after this date the cost will be £35 as you will be classed as a new member.

The workload for Elaine in managing membership renewals is huge so we have tried to make it easier for her to trace all the payments by putting the membership payment onto Equo.

Unfortunately Equo does not take all the information required so we still require you to fill out a membership form.

Please can you ensure that your contact details on Equo are up to date these are the details that we will be using to contact you!

Clinics and Events As usual all the clinics and events we have planned SO FAR are available from the Calendar and Events pages.  We are still subsidising all the arena based clinics as we are aware that the costs of having fun with our horses and particularly keeping them is increasing rapidly but we have had to increase some of our clinics by £2 or £3.  We hope you agree that they are really worth this small rise as we have such fantastic instructors!

AGM We had a very successful AGM.  As usual the food was fabulous and the raffle raised £262 for the Devon Air Ambulance which has been rounded up to £300.  Amongst the rosettes that were awarded to those who went to the Championships we also gave out the instructor awards for achievement:

  • Rhiannon Tewson – Julie Humphries
  • Karen Lisk – Tiffany Anstey
  • Andrew Lovell – Becky Wright
  • Mandy Frost – Holly Gilpin

We also put out a suggestion box and here is an update on what was requested:

Could we hold SJ Competitions from 60cm – 80cm
Due to the number of events/clinics we hold already and the volunteers required to run these, though we agree that this would be great fun, we feel that we just don’t have the capacity at the moment to add more to our calendar

Rhiannon Tewson XC clinic
We have 3 planned for this Spring/Summer so keep an eye out for dates!

Weekday clinics
We already hold 1 or 2 a month on a weekday but we will review if we can hold more or move some of the weekend ones to weekdays.

Jumping instructors/clinics for different styles

We are unsure what response we can give to this as we already use Mandy Frost, Rhiannon Tewson, Natalie Passmore and Emily Farleigh but if there are any specific suggestions we are certainly open to them!

Posted 7 December 2022

November Clinic and Events Update

We are starting to plan for next year!  We are fairly sure that the 2023 dates are definite but we just have a few things to confirm so all will be marked as ‘save the date’ with provisional details unless they are confirmed. This should give you a good idea of what we are planning.  We are still waiting on dates from some instructors so there will of course be a lot more to add very soon and as the year progresses.

Karen Lisk’s clinics are as ever very popular and are now booked up until the end of the year but the 2023 dates should soon start opening.

The SDRC AGM and social evening is on Thursday 24th November at Dainton Golf Club.  You should already have received details of it by email.  It is a great evening and the food is always very good.  You can come and talk with the committee and if you have any suggestions or requests it is a good time to discuss them.  There will be a report on how the year has gone for the club, a raffle in aid of the Air Ambulance with some very good prizes (Any donations of prizes gratefully received either on the evening or drop to Elaine at West Country Storage, Ippelpen, 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday / 9am – 12noon Saturdays) and of course the chance to catch up with friends!
To book for the AGM and Social please follow the link below

SDRC AGM and Social

Posted 8 August 2022

September Clinic and Events Update

Dressage Thank you to everyone who turned up for the last in the summer dressage series, it was a great day so a big thank you to all who supported it and also to all the committee members and volunteers who made the day possible!  Our last dressage competition is on the 18th September and is a stand alone competition with cups for the highest % at Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary so get your entries in ASAP.
Clinics and Events Our clinics and events are being very well attended so thank  you all for supporting them!  If you have any changes or requests, especially last minute ones please could you contact the organiser direct rather than via Facebook as this doesn’t necessarily get through to the right person, or there may be a delay in response.  We will always try and consider time requests and group preferences but cannot guarantee them as it is not always possible.   If for some reason you simply cannot do a certain time would you mind checking with the organiser that this would be possible before you book so as not to disappoint!  Times for all clinics will come out probably no earlier than 2 days before the date to allow for last minute changes so don’t panic if you haven’t heard before then.
Posted 22 September 2022

August Clinic and Events Update

Clinics Hope you are enjoying this unprecedented English weather…….  A little bit of rain would be rather handy though to green up the fields and soften the ground.  With this in mind the Mandy Frost clinic has been moved from Redpost to Crockers Farm so that it can be run on a surface, it is getting pretty booked up now so if you would like to enter best do it ASAP!

Dressage We have our dressage competition on the 21st of August.   It is the final of a series of 3 so you may be in with a chance of winning a cup!  There are still plenty of spaces so please get your entries in ASAP.  We will be running another  Championship Dressage Competition on the 18th September, this is a single competition with cups going to the highest % of Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary.

Camps We were intending to run our really popular summer camp at Chard Equestrian.  This was fully subscribed but unfortunately this became a casualty of the extreme hot weather exactly over those dates so we felt that for welfare reasons the only sensible option was to cancel it.  We are in the process of securing dates for next year and as soon as we have them confirmed we will let you know so that you can plan any leave around it!

We have also had to make the decision to cancel the Autumn Camp in September as there does not seem to be sufficient enthusiasm this year.  This is obviously very much about the Cross Country Course so the potential hard ground may be putting people off and also the price of fuel?!  If you have any suggestions about what you would like from our camps please drop us an email, this is always useful to us.  Please bear in mind that we have to plan and book venues usually at least 12 months in advance!

Posted 8 August 2022

May Clinic and Events Update

Safety Update. Thank you for your continued support and participation in all the clinics.  Generally everyone seems to manage to stay on board at these clinics etc but tumbles inevitably  happen.  The club has reviewed all its risk assessments and the Health and Safety Policy, which will all soon be published on the website.  One important point that has come up is falls.  As a committee we feel that there should be some clarity over continuing to ride after a fall.  If you fall from your horse more than 3 times you will be asked not to remount.  This is for your safety, the welfare of the horse and in consideration of those sharing your clinic or accompanying you in the arena.  If your first or second fall is a significant one then it is by the discretion of the instructor or first aider as to whether you can continue to ride.  We know that you will agree that this seems to be a sensible approach.

Contact Details We occasionally need to get in contact with you regarding entries / waiting list.  For this we use your details that have been entered on Equo.  We are aware that details do change so please would you mind just checking the details that you have entered onto Equo.  Checking in particular that your email address hasn’t changed or  been entered incorrectly and also that you have not had a change in emergency contact details.  Thank you!

Dressage We ran the first of our dressage competitions at Crokers Farm at the beginning of May.  This was really well attended and it was great to see so many of you there.  It was a new venue so we were still finding our feet but I think you will agree that it is great to have the dressage competitions returning closer to home.  The Tewsons as usual made us very welcome!  The warm up arena is only recently finished and has not had the chance to settle fully yet.  This was not helped by the lovely dry weather we have had (though not on the day!) so we are aware that it became rather deep by the end of the day but with some rain and more use it will soon bed in.  We have another competition late afternoon through to the evening on Friday 27th May and then a day one on the 19th June.  The first date filled up really quickly so please get your entries in promptly!

Three Phase Day On the 5th June we have our Three Phase Day at Redpost, it is really helpful to know numbers as early as possible so again if you intend to enter please to as soon as you can.  It will be a great day and there is a height to suit most riders and horse!

Posted 9 May 2022

April Clinic and Events Update

Hope that you are managing to get out and about now the Spring has come! We have a lot of things going on but as always please book on as early as you can to avoid disappointment, we are trying to add further dates so that we can accommodate as many people as possible but we are limited by the availability of our instructors as they are so good they are in high demand!

Dressage On the 1st May we have the first of our summer series dressage competitions (this series does not include the stand alone evening competition at the end of the month) for which there will be cups awarded on the 21st August. We already have a good number of entries for the first date so if you intend to come please book ASAP. As always we do need your help to run these events so if you are not riding or can give an hour whilst you are with us (or have a helper on foot who could do this) please can you let us know. For the 1st May we are in need of some stewards so if you could give us some time please could you contact Mary on and on our late afternoon/evening dressage on the 27th May we are particularly in need of a couple of writers (no experience necessary and you learn loads!), if you can help here please contact Sue on

Wellbeck have been fabulous at hosting our dressage for the last few years but we were aware that this was quite a way for some of you to travel and now that Crokers have their second arena it is great that they are welcoming us there instead as it is right in the heart of the South Devon Riding Club area. As this will be the first time that we have run competitions here we will be learning as we go so please bear with us if there are any “teething” problems!! If you do enter when we send out the times we will also let you know of any special instructions (ie parking) so please keep an eye out for these. Anyway, looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

Three Phase Day On the 5th June our very popular Three Phase Day will be returning to Redpost. As explained in a prior update this is a gentle introduction to a ODE. There is dressage on grass, SJ and simulated XC so all phases are represented. It will be a very friendly and fun day and it is open to all abilities with heights of 60cm-70cm / 70cm-80cm / 80cm-90cm. The entries are now open so please join us and have some fun!

Cross Country Schooling with Rhiannon Tewson If you think that Pontispool is a little too far for you to travel to and also perhaps a bit too ambitious but want to have a go at XC then these clinics may interest you! Many of you will already have had lessons with Rhiannon and know that she is incredibly encouraging and confidence giving. She will be running 3 clinics (13th May 2pm – 6pm/ 25th June 9.30am – 2pm / 22nd July 2pm -6pm) at heights of 50cm, 60cm and 70cm at Longwood in Ipplepen. The jumps there are perfect for a first time out, regaining confidence or just having some fun!

Training Day at Stockland Lovell Just to remind you that though we are not running our Spring Camp at Stockland Lovell we have arranged a training day on the 22nd May. Whilst Stockland Lovell may seem a bit of a distance to travel we thought that going for a day’s training with Natalie Passmore would be well worth the effort so if you are interested please get your entry in ASAP so that we know numbers.

Posted 6 April 2022

March Clinic and Events Update
We are aware that some of you are finding it hard to book onto some of the clinics as they are filling up so quickly and may be finding this a little frustrating. Your committee is conscious of this and we are trying to see if we can find a way of alleviating this!   With this in mind we have managed to get some extra dates from Andrew Lovell so will be running some late afternoon / evening clinics now the summer is coming and also Crokers do have fantastic flood lights.  As stated in last month’s email Karen Lisk is also offering some extra sessions so we are hoping that this will make booking on easier.  There are some new Mandy Frost dates to put in your diary, we have booked Mandy but are just getting confirmation of the venue, so keep an eye on the website and also our Facebook page.

Sunday 1st May sees the start of our summer dressage competitions to be held at Crokers Farm and this is now open on Equo.  We will be awarding cups later in the season for points accumulated over a number of the competitions and in September there will be a stand alone competition with cups for the winner at each level.  We are running a late afternoon / evening competition on Friday 27th May, classes will start at 4pm, we cannot guarantee a later time on this day so hopefully this will give you enough notice to try and book a half day at work!!

We are really conscious of keeping a good relationship with all our venues and we all represent the riding club whilst we are there so please please can you ensure that you clean up after your horses.  If you are watching and are able to pop into the school to help clear up that would be great and really importantly please clear up in the lorry park, thank you!!!

In reference to the government guidelines we ask in respect to others if you have tested positive to Covid within the last 7 days you do not attend any riding club event.  Your place will either be refunded or transferred to the next available clinic.  We will of course review this on a regular basis.

Posted 10 March 2022

February News Update
We are very grateful to all of you who filled out the survey we sent around at the end of last year.  Your contributions have been really helpful and we have listened to your views and are trying to reflect this as much as possible in what we are planning for this year.
Click here to read the full survey results!

Our clinics are now getting booked up very quickly, which is great but at the same time may cause some frustration if you cannot enter a clinic that you really wanted to do!  We will always run a wait list so please add yourself to this as often spaces will come up last minute.  We are also in discussion with Karen Lisk and Andrew Lovell to try and find some extra dates so that we can accommodate more people so keep an eye on our website and  Facebook page. The main thing is to book as early as you can to avoid disappointment!

When you book a clinic we understand that sometimes things transpire against you and for some reason you find you can’t make it so we have tried to bring some clarity around cancellations. Firstly we ask that if you do have to cancel you give us as much notice as you can so that we can try and refill your space but we will need at least 7 days notice and you can then choose to transfer to the next available equivalent clinic or receive a refund (less booking fee).  If you cancel within 7 days you will only receive a refund on submission of a vet certificate.  Of course if we cancel you will receive full refund and booking fee. Thank you for your understanding concerning this.

We are not running a camp at Stockland Lovell in May this year but we will be running a training day there with Natalie Passmore on the 22nd May.  This makes the drive to Stockland Lovell really worthwhile as there will be lessons in the morning and afternoon, and of course the opportunity to watch and catch up with other members. Our really popular Chard Camp will be running from the 18th – 20th July, details for this will be out shortly.  You will need to book promptly as this is sure to fill up quickly!  Then we will return to Stockland Lovell for the Autumn Camp on the 12th – 14th September.

Dressage Competitions
We are happy to announce that we now have 5 dates over the summer for our popular dressage competitions.  If you have not been to one before they are very supportive and very much open to all, whatever level you are riding at.  Ever since Combe Park became unavailable we have held these at Wellbeck and we are very grateful to Malcolm and Nettie who have been so welcoming to us but we understand that this may feel like quite a long way to travel.  Crokers Farm, Ipplepen, have now completed their second school which is great for us as it means that we can now bring the dressage back to home territory so this is where we will now be running the competitions.  They also serve coffee and cake!

Click here to book onto clinics or events.

Area Qualifiers
If you wish to enter any of the Area 19 qualifiers please contact Becky on and she will be very happy to talk you through what it involves .  These are open to everyone  and you don’t have to be jumping huge or doing fancy dressage movements, it starts at a very grassroots level.

Posted 6 February 2022

Clinics and Events Update

First of all, wishing you a very Happy New Year from all of the SDRC Committee and we look forward to seeing you at the clinics and events that we have planned for 2022.

If you have not renewed your membership please do so ASAP!  There is a discount for existing members if you join before the end of the year, this has obviously passed but we will offer this to existing members as long as they join by the 7th January, after that you would need to join as a new member!

SDRC Membership Renewal

We already have a lot of clinics, 2 camps and our usual dressage competitions (more dates for these are to be confirmed) on the calendar so hopefully something for everyone.  Also we are just confirming the details for 2 Natalie Passmore clinics at Pontispool.  One in February which will be arena based and a further one in April which we hope will be on the main XC course.  Please keep an eye on both our Facebook page and the website for further updates and details.

South Devon Riding Club Events

Also in June we are still hoping to run the very popular Three Phase Day at Redpost.  We have not had the opportunity to run what used to be an annual event due to various circumstances for 2 or 3 years so some of you may not have been to one of these events.  It consists of a dressage phase, a SJ phase and a simulated XC phase, all on grass. It is a great opportunity to have a go at a ODE but perhaps not quite so scary…..

Please note that the January and February Andrew Lovell clinics will be held at Crokers Farm and not Lookweep!  Also the Rhiannon Tewson SJ clinic February date has changed from Saturday 19th February to Wednesday 16th February.

Posted 5 January 2022

Success at the BRC Xmas Cracker Dressage

Congratulations to our South Devon entries to the Christmas Cracker virtual dressage.  Alison Luscombe on the fabulous Finn McFly and Becky Wright on Sparticus both won their sections and Sue Murphy on Who Sez came 2nd in theirs, all with over 70% in hotly contested classes.  Many thanks to British Riding Clubs for running this championships and to NAF for the lovely prizes!

See photos of the winning horses on the Gallery page.

Full results are available on the BRC website

Posted 21 December 2021

Survey now Open – Win £50 Voucher

Your Committee would like to invite you to take part in a survey. We know the past year has been challenging, and have tried to support our members throughout this time. We have put together a short survey of 15 questions to gather feedback from members on what they would like to see from the club. Those who complete the survey will be eligible for a prize draw to win a £50 voucher for Redpost Equestrian; to be entered into the prize draw ensure you include your e-mail address where prompted. Your e-mail will be used solely for the draw and your answers will be anonymous.

The closing date for the survey is Sunday 31 October, so if you would like to be included in the prize draw please ensure you complete the survey before the end of October.

We hope to present the findings from the survey at the Riding Club AGM on Thursday 25 November which all members will be invited to attend.

The link to the survey is below;

Thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Posted 6 October 2021

October Clinic and Events Update!

There is an Arena Eventing Clinic with Natalie Passmore at Pontispool on Monday the 8th November which is just before the Area Arena Eventing Qualifiers at Bicton on the 13th November so a chance to get some practice in first!

We have also introduced a show jumping clinic for those who don’t want to jump too big.  This will be a very relaxed clinic with confidence and fun being the key element with instruction from Annie Tewson whom many of you will already know.

Click here to book these or any other clinics

Our last dressage competition of this year will be held at Wellbeck on Sunday 17th October, after that the weather becomes too unpredictable so we will have a break until Spring.  Please click here to enter as the more people we have the more fun it is!

We are also in need of writers to enable this event to take place.  No experience necessary, if you can offer a little of your time we would be really grateful.  Please contact Clare on if you can help either at this event or any events in the future!

The role of Health and Safety within the club is soon to become vacant. Is there anyone out there who feels they could take on this role??  Some previous experience would be advantageous but at the same time there is plenty of guidance from the BRC to set someone up in this role.  We do need someone in this role to continue our clinics etc.   If you feel you could help with this please drop Annabel an email on  We need you!

Lastly, but very importantly, in the next few days we will be sending out a survey for you to complete.  The aim of this is to help us find out what you would really like from your club.  The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and your name will  be entered into a draw and the winner will receive a £50 voucher for Redpost!!

Posted 1 October 2021

September Clinic and Events Update!

We have our Autumn Camp coming up on the 13th to the 15th September.  There is still limited availability so it is not too late to join the fun!  It could be for the whole camp or simply for just a training day.  If you would like to discuss this please contact Michelle on .  It is a very friendly and supportive camp and as always with very good instructors.

Finally it looks like we are going to be able to have our Annual General Meeting (and social!), which is a chance to have your say and also to meet for a catch up without a horse in tow. The date will be Thursday 25th November, full details to follow, but keep that evening free!

We have a full calendar of events organised until the end of the year and remember that for all shared arena based clinics the subsidized entry fee of £25 will apply for the rest of 2021!

Posted 5 September 2021

£25 Clinics for Members

As a thank-you to all our loyal members who have stayed with us through the pandemic, we are delighted to announce that from now until September, all our local, arena-based, group lessons will be available for £25 *

Hurry, as places will fill up quickly!

If you are not a member of the South Devon Riding Club, you are very welcome to join us. Click here to join and take advantage of this great opportunity.

* Plus booking fee. Individual lessons available for £40. Refunds will be made to those who have already paid.

Posted 31 March 2021

COVID Updates

For the latest Covid-19 BRC activities update, please click here

Quiz Time!

You are invited to join us for some light hearted fun on Thursday 11th February at 7.30pm for a Zoom quiz.  We thought that it would be a nice way for us all to get together and interact as a club, given the current situation and not being able to get together at our clinics in person.  Nothing serious and the family can join in too!  There will be some general knowledge questions, horse trivia and some picture rounds.  The winner can chose an item of SDRC merchandise, this could be a fleece, a jacket or any other item!  We hope that you can join us.

 To join please click on the link below.  Kelly has kindly taken this on so if you do have any problems please drop an email to

Posted 8 February 2021

A Personal Message from Bel Ross, our new Chair

I feel privileged to have become Chairman of the riding club after thirty years of membership!  I have represented the club at the championships in all disciplines including being a team member when we won the national riding club endurance championships!
I still remember about thirty years ago going to a club dressage at Coombe Park, having just moved to Devon with a green horse, and feeling like I had made so many new friends in just one day! This supportive, friendly and encouraging atmosphere still continues and the motivation and enthusiasm of your committee is exceptional! Accessibility to top class trainers, at an affordable price, together with the opportunity to compete at area and national level for the more competitive are fundamentals of the club. I’m looking forward to 2021 being another action packed year for members, Covid permitting!!
Posted 29 November 2020

Sandra Davis Elected as Riding Club President – A Message from our new Chair

Sandra has been the backbone of the club for more decades than I can remember. She was an excellent instructor both for riding and stable management seeing many of us through our riding club stage exams.  She also organised numerous events every year and was the initiator of the popular three phase day.  Additionally, Sandra has guarded the club’s finances fastidiously up until very recently. Her encyclopaedic knowledge has been invaluable to the club for years. The committee is thrilled Sandra has accepted the role of Club President.

Posted 29 November 2020

New Committee Members

The club is delighted to welcome new committee members Annabel Ross (Chair), Charlotte Allen, Sue Minchinton, Carmen Shah and Mary Talbot-Rosevear. Here are statements from Charlotte and Mary:

‘Hi I’m Charlotte, I’ve been a member of South Devon Riding Club for 4 years. I have an 8year old ex-racer called Dilly whom I’ve owned for 2 years. We currently compete at unaffiliated dressage, having worked our way up to novice level this season before lockdown and also enjoy competing in the ROR classes at the County Shows. This coming year I’m hoping to get out to some unaffiliated jumping and planning on attending camp as have heard so many good things about it! I trained at Hartpury College and spent many years working within the equine industry, so am hoping to utilise some of my skills to support the club. ‘

Mary lives in Bigbury in the South Hams. Her passion is riding. She has cared for horses for over 20 years; but only began riding when her daughter got her first pony. She trains with Karen Lisk and is a member of South Devon Riding Club.
“Coming late to riding has meant the South Devon Riding Club has given me many opportunities to improve my riding and gain experience and confidence in a friendly yet competitive environment. We can all be winners at home; but getting out and competing is the only way to improve. SDRC members have been welcoming and supportive, which has helped me overcome many hurdles.”

Posted 16 November 2020

Annual General Meeting

The November 2020 AGM meeting minutes and chair’s report are now available.

Posted 15 November 2020

BRC Update

British Riding Clubs have issued the following statement about riding club activities:

‘Following the recent announcement of another national lockdown in England from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December, we are saddened to announce that the current interpretation is that all BRC activity, bar virtual activity, must cease during this time. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all activities run under the BRC banner, including competitions, training, clinics and camps. We continue to liaise with the Department for Digital, Media and Sport and Sport England, and will update you further should the advice change. ‘

See BRC Website for the latest news.

Please contact your clinic organiser for further details.

Posted 3 November 2020

Area Dressage Qualifiers

A MASSIVE well done to everyone who represented SDRC at the Area Dressage Qualifiers held last weekend

Congratulations to the Novice Team on winning with the following results:
Emma Tremaine, 2nd with 69.14% in prelim 2
Gillian Glegg won prelim 7 with 70.45%
Siobhan Murphy, 2nd with 70.43% in novice 24
Kate Fletcher won novice 27 with 75.54%

Fantastic results from the Novice individuals:
Helen Cobbold won Novice 24 with 70.65%
Emma Tremaine, 2nd with 70.23% in prelim 7

Our only intermediate entry Kate Fletcher won novice 28 with 74.38%

You should all be so proud of yourselves, thank you for representing the club so well

Posted 3 November 2020

Lockdown Update November 2020

Sadly it looks like all planned clinics and events at the moment will have to be cancelled due to the looming lock down.   We will get advice from BRC within the next couple of days to confirm this but it is obvious that within the new government restrictions these will not be possible.  Any advice we are given for the current situation will be posted on our Facebook page and the website.

Once we have confirmation clinic fees will be refunded.   Any competition entry fees will have already been sent to the Area Rep but Becky will sort these out as soon as we receive information from BRC.

Posted 2 November 2020


To remind you that if you would like to join our virtual AGM on the 11th November at 7.30 please can you contact Clare ASAP as we need to let BRC know by the 3rd November as they are setting up the virtual meeting for us.  They will then send you a link to follow.  Won’t be the normal fun social evening but if you want to keep up to date with any changes or make any suggestion please “come along”!  We will be sending out a copy of the Chair’s summary, the minutes and a copy of the financial report to all members after the event if you can’t make it.

Posted 2 November 2020

Update July 2020

There are a lot of new regulations that we have to build into our Risk Assessments and we are constantly keeping an eye on any changes that the Government makes to our day to day life and how our Governing body the BHS, is interpreting them.  Many of these regulations are laid out for much larger events than we hold, and so can seem a little over the top, but we’re really impressed with how everyone coped at our recent clinic and we know that you’ll all continue to help us keep on the right track.
For the time being all our clinics and events are run using the following guidelines (but they might change, according to different venues, please read the event information carefully):
  • That you withdraw should you become unwell with Covid symptoms prior to the event
  • That you do not congregate in groups
  • We would prefer you only bring 1 person with you.  Please consider whether extra people are necessary before bringing them
  • Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a lead
  • Please respect a 2 metre distance between you and your fellow members/attendees
  • Spectators – please check with the organiser first that it is ok for you to attend
Due to the smaller number of entries that we are able to provide for, we are also having to manage entry fees carefully.  We really want to give you many more opportunities to train and compete but there is also a payoff between planning in advance and keeping an eye on Guideline and Regulation changes.
As always, thank you for your support in these difficult times and stay safe!
Posted 15 July 2020

More Events

We hope you are keeping safe and are now managing to start getting out and about again!
British Riding Clubs have now given us the go ahead to start organising clinics, events and competitions so please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.
Our new monthly email summary of upcoming events will remind you to visit the the website to book.
All events will be run under covid guidelines as advised by BRC.  As these are subject to change please keep an eye on the website or contact the organiser of the event.
Posted 12 July 2020

Chard Training Day?

The committee will be meeting this month to look at how we can resume some of our activities.
We are hoping to offer some training clinics and possibly our dressage competitions.
Following the cancellation of both our spring and summer residential camps, Michelle is looking at the possibility of a training day to be held at Chard Equestrian Centre on Wednesday 15th July.
This could offer showjumping or flat or a mixture of both for each rider???
Are members interested?
Would you travel?
Are you happy to work in small groups?
Contact Michelle by email or Facebook if interested
Posted 10 June 2020

South Devon Riding Club Bygones

Have a look at the gallery to see memories of the Riding Club and see if you recognise any names, faces or events!
Posted 11 May 2020

British Riding Clubs Coronavirus FAQs for Members 27/3/2020

Please read this important document which contains the latest advice and guidance for all members.
Posted 27 Mar 2020

Festival of the horse qualifier

Saturday 21st March at Colraine with the finals at Aston Le Walls 30th-31 May.
Open to all club members, it would be great if we can send a couple of teams. Classes to choose from are 80cm, 90cm and 1m. The qualifier will be in the style of Arena Eventing but the finals will be SJ and XC. It’s £21 per entry.
Please contact Becky or Ellie if you are interested in this exciting opportunity. We look forward to hearing from old members and new.
Posted 14 Feb 2020

Andrew Lovell Clinic 9 Feb

Regrettably, with Storm Ciara on its way on Sunday, it has been decided decided it would be unsafe for people to travel and ride in the forecast winds and we have decided to postpone the Andrew Lovell clinic. We would very much like to rerun this clinic. Riders booked onto this clinic are being asked to contact Nell to confirm they know the clinic is postponed and also to discuss new dates for this clinic.
Posted 7 Feb 2020

Spring Camp

Booking for Spring Camp at Stockland Lovell is now open on the events page
Posted 7 Feb 2020


All members please note that there will be no further newsletters as all the information you need is now on this website
Posted 19 Jan 2020

Richard Waygood MBE ‘One Team’ talk on the 1st of Feb at The Cardinals, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6PJ.

Richard has recently been announced as Performance Director for the British Equestrian Federation alongside his duties as World Class Performance Manager for British Eventing and Tokyo Olympics is his focus.
The Cardinals is very easy to find and easily accessible from Devon or Cornwall.  There is an event set up on Facebook and on the website where you can purchase tickets, if anyone has any issues getting tickets contact Caroline Wills.
Posted 3 Jan 2020

Newsletter Update
Please note that there is an updated copy of the November newsletter (listed under December). The update contains further details about the upcoming Andrew Lovell clinics, most notably that there will be show jumping as well as polework clinics available and that all entries will be taken via Equo.
Posted Dec 2019

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